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KATHMANDU BISTRO The aroma of fragrant Nepalese-influenced dishes wafts through this year-old dining spot where the décor — prayer flags, mural of western Nepal — transports diners to the Himalayas. The eight-dish lunch buffet is a big hit, as is the ginger-marinated alligator. 727 Main Street; 605-343-5070;

Kathmandu brings Nepalese cuisine downtown

Even the voluptuous copper chafing dishes on the Kathmandu Bistro's buffet table are from Nepal. So are three of the four owners of Rapid City's newest restaurant, which opened for business on Wednesday in downtown Rapid City at 727 Main St.

Corn Exchange closing its doors April 13

If you want to make a reservation at Rapid City's Corn Exchange restaurant, chef M.J. Adams has one word of advice: "Hurry." Adams announced Friday that the groundbreaking gourmet restaurant she opened 15 years ago will close April 13.

New Rapid City bistro prepares for opening day

Another new restaurant is opening soon on Rapid City's Main Street. The space formerly occupied by the Corn Exchange will become Kathmandu Bistro.